Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ian and I have been back in Melbourne since September enjoying family time. We are returning to China Grove, which is in Sutera Harbour Marina, in April 2012. The plan is to bring China Grove back to Australia departing in August 2012. Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Ian and I had to leave Malaysia to renew our 90 day visa and so decided on a quick trip to Beijing. We were quite surprised at how modern and vibrant this city is. It seemed as though somehow Beijing has come into the 21st century with one huge jump but is still caught up in the 1950's. The older Chinese treated us with caution but were very friendly once contact was made. On the other hand, the younger generation embrace Westerners and will try their best English on you. The Chinese people are wonderful, but do have three habits which we found offensive compared to our upbringing - spitting, picking their noses and smoking - all while dining in a restaurant! Each to their own! I have included the photographs taken and I think they speak for themselves. We got back to China Grove only to find the freezer and fridge went on the blink --- the smell is indescribable. All fixed now and we thank God it didn't happen half way back to Oz. Had our friend Doug and Paul on board for four days and it was good to catch up with them. We were able to get 18 holes of golf in - not to mention the Proboscis monkeys on Klias River. Nicole, Mel and Peattie arrive on the 12th of Aug for 2 weeks. We are really looking forward to their arrival. We then wind down as we fly home on the 15th of Sept for six months.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back on board

After a wonderful six months at home with family and friends, we are back on board China Grove. We will keep her in this area for one more year and then possibly sail back to Australia in August 2012. That's the present plan. So, other than venturing out of the marina to a few of the surrounding islands when friends and family come to visit, we have no plan to go any further - ie Philippines. We have rented an extremely small car for six months. It is slightly bigger than a scooter - but has the best airconditioning and will certainly get us around to where we want to go.

We are kept busy doing chores on board and then plan to sail down to Labuan (duty free island) to replenish our refreshments!! We have a Philippina helping us clean the boat. Her name is Vicki and she is great.
There is also this wonderful Chinese restaurant called King Hu which we frequent for the Peking duck and great fried Bejing dumplings!!