Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lumut to Port Dickson, Malaysia

The trip from Lumut to Port Dickson was wonderful. The first three nights we stayed in a delightful anchorage on the southern tip of Pangkor Island with “Truest Passion” (AUS), “Sea Bunny” (GBR), “Out of the Bag” (AUS), “Devon Gypsy” (AUS), “BeenAlong” (AUS), “Fast Forward” (RSA), “Reflections” (GBR), “Wave Runner” (NZ), “This Way Up” (AUS), “Cool Bananas” (NZ). The smaller island just south of the anchorage has a very exclusive resort where Pavarotti chose to stay for his holidays.

Next stop was behind two extremely small islands called Pulau (this means island in Malay) Angsa along with local fishermen. Unfortunately we were anchored down wind of them – and OH – let me describe the smell.

First light next morning on to Port Dickson wherein we encountered a bit of “bad management”. Ian had his route plotted, however, decided to follow “Truest Passion”. Rule number one – never, ever follow someone else especially when they are a Catamaran!! China Grove was high and dry for four hours, through a storm including lightning and thunder (surprise, surprise – it is near Port Klang after all!!!) First mate Chris got so frightened when China Grove groaned and laid on her side – she jumped ship and spent an hour or so sitting in the dinghy!! No damage was done (except to Ian’s ego)!

We are now happily in the marina at Port Dickson.
Port Dickson Marina

The next rally function is on the 16th and 17th of May in Malacca. Ian and I will take a taxi from here and spend two nights in a hotel (Hotel Puri) as the marina at Malacca is in very shallow water – don’t want to be high and dry again anytime soon!


quentin said...

Hello to you both - great to see your blog and see what you have been up to - works well and good fun.

Glad to hear that boat survived being grounded - I presume that while you were in the dinghy you took the opportunity to clean the hull :)

All is good with us - keep well

Lotsaluv Quentin & Audette

rosemarieywg said...

Love the photo of you in the lifeboat Siggie! Was thinking "that would be me in such dire circumstances". I'm sure Ian had a good laugh at you sitting there (half the crew out of service), which obviously prompted him to take your picture. Cute! How did you finally get out of your predicament?

And I totally understand why there wouldn't be a lot of photos of the event...all hands on deck kinda!

I find it most interesting to note the names of all the ships. I wonder how they came up with the names.

Anyhow, I love reading about your travels and look forward to you regaling us with your next adventure.

Roger that said...

The boat I know can't be high and dry as it has 16 doz of the world's best wine on board from New Zealand!

Keep the stories flowing. I need more than just one sandbar or two.

Aye, Roger that.